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How to improve your economy and personal finances with savings in 2017

One of the most recurring purposes when the new year arrives is to organize ourselves better to save a little more. And it is that having a good planning of the family economy is essential to face the year successfully.

The ball dance begins with the January slope . Christmas expenses , added to the pending invoices, make tightening the belt the usual tonic when entering the new year. The first recommendation to control Christmas expenses is to compare prices on everything: gifts, dinners, parties and models, among others. It will be more profitable to invest a little more time in searching and comparing, than choosing the first option that comes your way.

Experts say that to reduce costs it is essential to apply smart consumption techniques


Once the Christmas season is over, don’t lose the habit of comparing prices . Few can escape the power of attraction of the rebates at the beginning of the year, but do not get carried away by temptation and do not squeeze your credit card to the fullest. Experts say that to reduce costs it is essential to apply smart consumption techniques. The key is to set a maximum budget. And above all, set priorities: avoid impulse purchases and focus on buying what you need. That is why it is a good idea to make a previous list of what you need . Of course, leave a small part to give you that whim that you fancy so much. That way you won’t get a scare when reviewing your accounts!

Savings systems


One of the best ways to save throughout the year is to set up a savings system that suits your pace of life. There are hundreds of options beyond the usual moneybox, but you have to take into account several factors when choosing one or the other, such as the income you have each month and whether they are regular or not.

For some time, saving has become a great challenge. Each season new savings systems come to light with more or less benefits and different levels of difficulty to carry them out. But, without a doubt, there are 3 saving methods that have been made with the top positions in the popularity rankings thanks to their proven effectiveness.

  1. The 52 week method . This saving system that María Pilar Amela has popularized consists in saving weekly an amount equal to the week of the year in which you are: the first one euro, two euros the second, and so on. Obviously, the last weeks of the year will be the hardest because in addition to facing the extra expenses of Christmas, you should save just over € 200. But, as the expert says, you can use tricks such as going backwards (start the year saving the maximum and end up with one euro), or do it sautéed by keeping track of the weeks completed with a calendar. The total is € 378 saved per year !
  2. The kakebo. You may know this Japanese savings system because of the famous booklets that were used to put it into practice some years ago. This method is more a system of accounting and reflection , since it consists in writing down in one of these organized notebooks all the expenses that you have per month: rent, bills of supplies, purchases in the supermarket, the whims, the gasoline of the car … By keeping it up to date and making the summary at the end of the month, you will clearly see how the money has gone and you can make a better planning of spending for the following month.
  3. The piggy bank of change. This is the easiest saving method. To carry it out you will only need perseverance and set a goal that you can meet. At the end of the day it is still a piggy bank that you fill but with more responsibility. For example, propose to keep in your piggy bank all the euro coins that reach your pocket, or suppress morning coffee and save in your piggy what it costs you. Why not decide to empty the purse at the end of the week? Or even take the opportunity to save a part of the change every time you pay with a ticket. With this technique of an ant , if you have patience and do not cheat, you will save a good amount of money throughout the year.

Managing your money to save

Managing your money to save

Managing your money to save something during the year is a task that at first is not easy, but whose result is certainly very rewarding. Put into practice some of these savings systems and next summer you will have extra help to spend on leisure and travel , or whatever you want. At the end of the matter is to enjoy your money!

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