A loan of HUF 3 billion is issued daily by the population

The retail credit market is booming: new personal loans and home loans totaled HUF 459 billion over four months, representing a 25% year-on-year increase and a daily average of $ 3 billion. Home loans grew by 19 percent to HUF 284.5 billion and personal loans by more than 35 percent to over HUF 174 billion. […]

Rising Credit Interest, Slow Entrepreneur Expansion, More Competitive P2P Lending

After Bank Indonesia (BI) decided to raise the benchmark interest rate or BI-7RR Reverse Repo Rate (BI-7DRR) by 25 basis points to 5.75 percent, a number of businessmen in the banking sector were preparing to raise their lending rates. This condition is considered unprofitable for entrepreneurs, the public and the government. For this reason, according […]

How to improve your economy and personal finances with savings in 2017

One of the most recurring purposes when the new year arrives is to organize ourselves better to save a little more. And it is that having a good planning of the family economy is essential to face the year successfully. The ball dance begins with the January slope . Christmas expenses , added to the […]