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A small revolving credit at 2.97% fixed APR!

Bank Casino rarely misses a good opportunity to offer promotional rates. During this winter sales period, the credit organization offers a small loan at only 2.97% fixed APR. A very interesting offer, provided you understand how it works. All the details.

-70% on Bank Casino revolving credit!

-70% on Banque Casino revolving credit!

Bank Casino is one of the most active credit organizations in terms of special promotions. Until January 28, 2019, the specialist precisely offers a small credit at 2.97% fixed APR. Corresponding to a 70% drop in the rate usually charged, this offer is perfect for financing a small project.

Conditions of the offer 

  • Amount: $ 1,501 to $ 2,500
  • Repayment period: 18 months only
  • Rate: fixed APR
  • Credit without proof of use
  • Valid until: January 28, 2019

The fixed APR rate means that the latter cannot change over the entire duration of the loan. Any future use of the money available on the revolving credit contract will, however, be made on the basis of an adjustable APR rate. Mistrust, re-use generally implies a much higher rate than that obtained during a promotional period.

Example of Bank Casino promo rate credit

Example of Bank Casino promo rate credit

Take the example of a $ 2,000 loan obtained under the conditions of the promotion, in order to project yourself more easily.

The rate is very interesting but still implies having the means to take more than $ 100 out of your pocket each month, in our example. It is therefore important to check its repayment capacity before taking out a loan, even when it is less than 3000 $.

What documents are requested?

Credit without proof of use does not mean the absence of supporting documents. Here is the list of parts to provide for this promotion:

  • Double-sided ID
  • Proof of address
  • The last three pay slips
  • RIB (for payment)

The advantages of Bank Casino revolving credit

The advantages of Banque Casino revolving credit

One of the great advantages of the organization concerns the possibility of obtaining fast credit. The electronic signature of the contract is effectively in place, in the same way as the digital sending of the supporting documents of credit.

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